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DR Plumbing Hillsboro

Waking up to a morning where the kitchen faucet starts leaking is not an ideal morning for anyone to wake up to. But there’s nothing to worry about as long as you have a speedy and reliable plumbing service like us here at Dr. Plumbing Hillsboro. We work to resolve all kinds of plumbing issues in any state of repair, or disrepair.

Our service portfolio consists of drain cleaning services, water heater installation and repair, garbage disposals, house re-piping, water system analysis, faucet repair, sump pump installation, and maintenance of the water main.

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If you are dealing with any sort of emergency that needs the expert touch of a plumber, do not hesitate to contact us. We have fully-licensed plumbing services in Hillsboro that are ready to tackle any problem you may have.

Great Service at a Cost-Effective Price

With more than 10 years of industry experience, we take pride in providing comprehensive care of all your installations at very affordable rates. From kitchen sinks to bathroom fixtures and all sorts of residential plumbing services, we have highly trained expert plumbers that can diagnose and remedy any problem you might have.

Business owners should be aware of the advantages, both practically and financially, of professional services such as ours. They know that the upfront investment will pay dividends in the long run in terms of preventive maintenance costs.

We are one of the best contractors on the market because aside from the specialized knowledge that each and every one of our professionals has, we also listen and care for you, the customer. With an impressive number of positive customer reviews that we’ve garnered throughout the years. You might say that we’ve created quite a positive reputation as one of the most responsive service providers in Hillsboro. 

Service Packages That We Offer

As one of the most trustworthy providers in the city, we cater to a multitude of plumbing needs you may have. Local plumber services are a dime a dozen, but business owners and homeowners alike choose to trust us because we pay attention to your business hours and work hours discreetly so as not to disrupt your operations. As the most preferred service providers for house owners, we give consistently good results to any kind of plumbing installation in record time.

Read on to know more about the most preferred plumbing experts in the Pacific Northwest.

Drain Cleaning

Our 24/7 availability for drain cleaning in the Oregon area is just one of our qualities that has made us the most sought after service provider in the region. We can help unclog even the most stubborn of clogs including:

  • Floor drains;
  • downspout drains and;
  • bathrooms;
  • external drains;
  • kitchen drains;
  • roof drains and;
  • sewer drains, among others.

For drain cleaning, we utilize state of the art equipment and machinery. For all your drain related issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

You may need to book a service appointment for drain cleaning and other services. We will plan a visit ahead so that your daily routine and work hours are not affected.

Emergency Plumbing

Unfortunately, experiencing an emergency issue is something you can’t control. Even a simple water line defect can escalate to a disaster if it’s left unchecked. If you experience any sort of damage, do not panic. All you have to do is call us and let our professional plumbers take care of it.

Waterline damage is one of the most severe piping problems a home can encounter. This may lead to some serious property damage and can even cause massive financial problems if the problem isn’t immediately remedied.

There is no telling how even something as simple as a single leaking pipe can take a toll on your property. So your first course of action should always be to call professional plumbers, like us. While it is a habit to postpone small issues that do not warrant immediate repairs, do not ignore them. Doing so will only leave you with a major issue that you could have easily prevented.

If you experience any kind of issue regarding leaks like gas lines leakage, line breaks, water clogging, flooding, tankless heater troubles, or even if it’s something as simple as you not getting hot water, let us know. Our professional service professionals develop meticulous repair plans and execute them with perfection while restricting further damage.

Pipe Repairs & Re-piping

Nobody thinks about the cluster of pipes running between the walls until, and unless, they experience problems with their toilet and shower or see a water leak. This is exactly where professional plumbers like us come in to pay you a visit. We’ll ascertain the scope of the job to give you the best course of action. Further, if need be, we take necessary measures so that you won’t have to experience water leaks in the future.

If you leave pipes unmaintained for long enough, you’ll need to reinstall your pipes. We’ve helped countless households re-pipe their house so that they can enjoy hassle-free plumbing. Rest assured that our material costs and other charges are pre-set before we even begin the work. As one of the best installations services around, we take all the safety precautions while working on a job. Here are just some of the plumbing techniques we use to re-pipe old piping systems.

  • First, we assess every aspect of your plumbing down to the letter. we make sure to not leave any stone unturned
  • Once we assess your pipes, we focus on all the key areas of repair, whether they may be exposed pipes, old pipes, or redundant lines that don’t need to be there.
  • Lastly, we make sure that our repairs will last you for years. We take every step to ensure that your pipes will stay healthy for the foreseeable future.

Water Heater Repair

We are also known for our water heater services. Be it a tankless water heater or any other sort of heater apparatus, we have the expertise and manpower to set things right. Even a small heating element issue can cause big troubles for you and your family.

With years of water heater fixing and maintenance services at our backs, we’ve gotten pretty good at identifying and fixing them. Water heater repairs become necessary when you observe corrosion around the pipes, the water heater keeps on running, or your heater power bill skyrockets.

We take pride in telling you that with us, you will experience:

  • A fair and competitive pricing model.
  • Specialty services with water heaters.
  • Perfect solutions for your particular problems.
  • The latest techniques.
  • Top service in any zip code in the city.

Contact us now for all your professional plumber needs and learn more about our service fees so you can tailor your own service experience.