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Best Ways To Unclog A Toilet

Tips To Help You Remove a Clog From Your Toilet

A toilet is one of the most essential parts of a home. However, you might find your toilet clogging and you might be wondering how can I unclog it. Here an DR Plumbing Hillsboro we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to clogs. Here are some of the best ways that you can use to unclog your toilet.

Use hot water

Hot water is very helpful when it comes to unclogging a toilet. Pour some cups of water to your toilet. Wait for a few minutes so that the water moves down the toilet. Hot water will help in loosening the solid wastes hence becomes very easy to unclog it. After this, it is always best if you exert pressure on the toilet. This is to enable the solid waste substances to break up hence unclogging the toilet.

Use a Plunger

It should be noted that standard cup-like plungers are not good for the toilet so I would suggest that you use flange plungers with a rubber sleeve. First, ensure that the flange is not folded, you then lower the plunger carefully into the toilet as you ensure that it is tilted at an angle to avoid trapping air. You then insert the flange down the hole and press it to enable the boot seals very tightly on the hole. This technique will enable your toilet to unclog and it is very effective.

Use a soap

Using a soap can help the debris slide down the pipe. All you need to do is to fetch some liquid soap and pour it to your toilet. Give the soap some time to move down the toilet. The soap will lubricate the debris hence enabling them to slide down the pipe. If you have no liquid soap then you don’t have to worry since a solid soap can also work. You cut the solid soap into small pieces and pour the pieces on the toilet and it will work well. If the toilet does not unclog by itself, then you can add some pressure to the toilet.

Use a wire hunger

This is always suitable for severe blockage. All you need to do is to unravel your hunger wire until it becomes straight. You then push the wire into the clogged area as you prod the debris. Do this until the debris becomes free and it flows down the pipe.

Use these mixtures

These mixtures can work well when it comes to unclogging the toilet. All you need to do is to pour a cup of baking soda to your toilet. Add 2 cups of vinegar and allow the mixture to fizz. It is best if you give the mixture a full hour to fizz. This will enable your toilet to unclog but if it doesn’t then you can opt for the hot water technique after the mixture.


The above techniques will enable you to unclog the toilet without calling a professional to do the work. However, you should be careful when handling the toilet and it is better to avoid using bare hands while unclogging the toilet.

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