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How Can I Make My Pipes Last Longer?

Helpful Tips To Improve The Longevity Of Your Pipes

Water flows through the pipes in homes all the time. Every time water is required for washing hands, brushing teeth, taking bath or using the toilet, the waste water is drained away through the pipe. This water flowing will affect the pipes since pressure is applied on the pipe walls, and the inner surface is all eroded. Hence over a period of time, the walls of the pipe will become thinner. They may also start leaking in some cases, and in a few cases the pipe may burst. Replacing the pipes is time consuming and expensive, at DR Plumbing Hillsboro we have found that many home owners would like to find out How Can I Make My Pipes Last Longer? Some tips to extend pipe life are provided below.

Avoid using chemical cleaners

Though chemical drain cleaners are a very convenient way to clean the clogged drains and sinks, users should be aware that they will also act on the pipe walls. These drain cleaners are often acidic and they can corrode the inner walls of the pipes of different materials. So though it may be necessary to use these chemical cleaners in an emergency, their use should be minimized to the extent possible.

Regulate Water pressure

If the water pressure is very high, it will erode the pipe and the pipe fittings more, resulting in leakage and other problems. So it is advisable to regulate the water pressure so that it is not high. Ideally the water pressure should remain below 85 psi. If necessary a pressure gauge to measure the water pressure can be installed on the water pipes for monitoring the water pressure.

Repair water leaks quickly

Though leaks may be small, the flowing water will damage the pipe and the connections, due to erosion. The larger the leak, the more the damage to the pipe since more water is flowing and eroding the surface. Hence the leak should be repaired as soon as possible to stop the damage and also prevent water wastage.

Avoid flushing items in the toilet

The toilet is designed mainly for flushing human waste, it should not be used for flushing wipes and other items. If these large items are flushed in the toilet, they will choke the pipes, increasing the pressure in the pipe. This can cause pipe leaks, pipe bursts or the water level in the toilet will increase. So it is advisable to reduce the paper and other items flushed in the toilet.

Clean the pipe regularly

Over a period of time dirt and debris will accumulate in the pipes, especially on the pipe walls. This will reduce the diameter of the pipe for water flow and increase the pressure on the walls. This will erode the walls and reduce their life to some extent or cause leaks. So home owners should get their pipes cleaned every year, to remove all the debris that may be accumulated on the walls.

Fix slow draining problems

Ideally the waste water should get drained quickly, and if it does not, it indicates that the pipes are blocked. This increases the water pressure leading to leaks, and pipe damage. So if water is draining slowly, the cause of the problem should be identified and fixed at the earliest.

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